Ace Art Photo Exhibiiton

Stephen Hermida

Stephen Hermida is an award-winning photographer from Gibraltar who specialises in humanity photography. He has travelled extensively to remote parts of the world to capture images of indigenous tribes, ethnic societies, and cultures. Much of his work depicts people in their natural environment, with a focus on capturing the unique human condition.

Stephen firmly believes that every photo involves three people: the subject with a story to tell, the viewer with a story to discover, and the photographer, who acts as the bridge between them. During his travels, Stephen also captures unique and spectacular landscapes and wildlife opportunities.

In 2017, Stephen hosted his first solo exhibition, "Natural Face," in Gibraltar. The following year, he exhibited at the Museo Cruz Herrera in Spain. In May 2022, one of his images was selected to be part of a major international exhibition by the Atlas of Humanity project in Paris and Milan, which featured 150 international photographers, many of whom are recognised as the world's top photographers in this genre.

This year, the prestigious Atlas of Humanity project invited Stephen to submit another one of his tribal images for a new exhibition in New York with only 50 international photographers. In 2018, National Geographic's Your Shot featured one of his images of Chinese cormorant fishermen online. Additionally, in 2022, Portrait Masters, an international community of the world's best portrait photographers, featured a selection of his Kenyan collection on their Instagram account.


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