Naomi MaRtinez


Naomi Martinez (b. 1989) is a photographer and multidisciplinary artist living in Gibraltar. Naomi holds a BA in Fine Art Photography from Camberwell Collage of Arts (UAL)

In her ongoing project ‘between two worlds’ she documents everyday life in Gibraltar and the nearby Campo de Gibraltar. This is where she uses her camera to examine the relationship between the physical world and the world of visual data. The subjects that define her photos include doors, windows, washing out to dry and other sites where, as she puts it ‘are viewed as portals’. She seeks natural patterns within the world that can invite viewers to a deeper contemplation on perception, and politics. Naomi’s curiosity with illusion gives her images a dream-like atmosphere, photomontages made with organised, accurate, gridded compositions, resembling line drawings.

The series 'taking liberties with colour' is about a collection of photo negatives retrieved from the passing of her grandfather.

By exploring the border between painting and photography she uses his photographs as a canvas, where they give an insight into his personal documentation of his daily life.

These hybrid works are composed around silhouetted figures, articulated in vivid hues. Her digital finger gestures can be viewed as action paintings. The patterns come from previous mix media works which have been embedded into the photographs from a digital process she’s developed. 



Her work gained awareness in 2022 as she awarded several prizes in local exhibitions:

* Ministry of Culture Award - ‘El Viento Del Poniente Sopla’

* Photography Award – ‘Gibraltar Housing Estates’

* Video Award - ‘El Viento Del Poniente Sopla’

* The Our Gibraltar Photography Award 2nd Prize- ‘Patio de Vecinos’ 

* Highly Commended – ‘A Shrimp Cracker’ (Sculpture)



CV and  past exhibitions:

Memory and desire - Casa de la Cultura La Linea de la Concepcion (March 2022)

Exposición Colectiva - Castillo Guzmán del bueno Tarifa (November 2019)

Easterly Winds - Palacio de la Diputación Provincial de Cadiz (February 2019)

Lichtenberg Studios Gibraltar - Berlin artist exchange residency III (June 2018)

Camberwell college of Arts - London (2012- 2017) 



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