Marco Prizont  defines himself as a street photographer. He started his career in landscape photography after moving to Cádiz, Spain. He  fell in love with the landscapes of the city and  entered the World Tourism  Photogrpahic Competition , where he was awarded the top prize.  After winning the award he felt like he couldn't be as creative as he wanted with landscape photography and so looked for other genres where he could express his creativity even further.

He  came across the work of one of the pioneers of street photography, Saul Leiter. Immediately fell in love with the genre and that's where    his  street photography journey began. Currently based in Cádiz, he tries to use everything the city has to offer to create photographs of mundane scenes that we are all used to from a totally different and creative perspective.

"I really like bright colors and light contrasts and I try to implement it in every photograph I take. "

Marco Prizont


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