Manuel Castillero

Born in 1976, in Córdoba, he has studied advertising drawing and illustration, declaring himself a devotee of science fiction, something that remains latent in his recreations of apocalyptic tilde, one of which, The day in which silence reigned in Congress (The day in which silence reigned in Congress) has been awarded the recent Figurativas prize usually organized by the European Museum of Modern Art (Barcelona). A work of great visual impact that affects the collapse of the false values on which our Western culture has been erected.

He visually reflects on the decadent, the inevitable, the seemingly improbable but possible, the premonitory, using elaborate light compositions on everyday scenarios, but of a fleeting nature, from a more universal perspective.

His painting provokes a certain illusion of incorporeity in its effectiveness; entelechy or prophecy, oracle of an almost inevitable outcome at the end of a civilization of fateful legacy. This permanent contradiction that leads its decline contains, paradoxically, the key to redemption: the critical, spirited and energetic thinking that has historically characterized the West and has achieved so many achievements: art, from its privilege, has historically contributed to that process, and Casstillero's work is an excellent example of this.

He exhibited with Ace Art in Gibraltar at our Rock & Paper featuring Cane Yo artist in September 2023.


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