Since a very early age Gail has dedicated much of her time to both painting and writing and she has produced a large variety of paintings throughout the years. She has held a number of solo exhibitions and participated at various combined events, both at home in Gibraltar, and in London.                          

In 2014 she was commissioned to illustrate a children’s book by an author in Madrid.  This project gave her the confidence to illustrate and write her    own charity book, where she made use of her artistic and writing skills for a beneficial cause.

"For me painting is my soul speaking.  I do not like to refer to my work as being of a certain genre or style, I find words do not encompass my work which varies continuously.  I can confirm that I love nature, colour and details, hence why I also create my versions of these through pointillism and doodling."

"Art is never boring, it is my life, it is a personal gift. It is my escape from a world with too much negativity and human control.  When I paint I feel free of conditions and man made rules, giving me the privilege of drifting off into my imagination and a better, more colourful and peaceful existence. My art is meant to make the buyers’ homes a happy place too."

Gail is also a very prominent public figure  where she was crowned Miss Gibraltar in 1985 and represented Gibraltar at Miss World and Miss Universe. Since then she has put her experiences and professionalism    to great work and held a managerial position at the Gibraltar Tourist Board . She has organised and promoted Gibraltar in numerous tourism and art events over   the years.    


Gail Francis-Tiron


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