Alej ez, also known as Alejandro Martinez Rodriguez, was born in 1973 and raised in the South of Spain, encompassing Granada, Cadiz, and Seville, amidst stunning historic architecture and vibrant skies. Graduating from the Escuela de Arquitectura de la Universidad de Sevilla in 1997, Alej ez made a bold move by establishing residence in the UK in 2000. Initially, he worked with Rick Mather architects, renowned for their expertise in museum design, contributing to projects such as Dulwich Picture Gallery and the National History Museum. This immersion in the architectural world eventually steered him towards the realm of art.

In 2004, Alej ez settled in Brighton, where he seamlessly blended his architectural pursuits with printmaking. However, his passion for drawing and printmaking took precedence, leading him to transition into a full-time artist by 2019.

Alej ez's artistic journey commenced with his debut exhibition in 1998 at Artefacto Gallery in Seville, Spain. Inspired by Brighton's vibrant art scene, he resumed creating and exhibiting his work after a twelve-year hiatus. Since then, Alej ez has been a regular participant in the Artists Open Houses Festival, showcasing his creations at various venues, including Gallery 94 at Glyndebourne and holding solo exhibitions at esteemed locations such as the West Pier Trust and the Regency Town House, all situated within Brighton. Presently, his artworks are on permanent display in select galleries spanning East to West Sussex.

The Artistic Process:

Drawing serves as Alej ez's foremost passion, evolving from his background as an architect. Years of maintaining sketchbooks and crafting presentations for clients, consultants, and planners honed his skills. Blending traditional and digital techniques, Alej ez developed a unique style characterised by vibrant colours and personal expression through ink.

Alej ez draws inspiration from his immediate surroundings, echoing William Henry Davies' sentiments in the poem "Leisure," where he finds order amidst chaos. Employing various mediums, Alej ez combines pen and ink infused with traditional printing methods such as lino, litho, and collagraphs with digital tools to create intricate designs. Beginning with base drawings derived from personal photographs, he meticulously crafts monochrome drawings incorporating watercolour, ink, and charcoal onto specialised marker paper. These drawings are then scanned and digitally assembled. Finally, Alej ez adds digital colouring before printing the designs on archival paper using archival inks, producing signed limited edition prints.

Through his art, Alej ez encapsulates the order he perceives in the world, evoking emotional responses and preserving cherished memories, thereby imparting a sense of coherence and significance to his audience.

Alej ez


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